Everybody wants to go to Hawaii but….

Now due to the island going thru hellish conditions because they never check on the infrastructure in Hawaii. A part of the states but not, kinda like Puerto Rico, ya know?
Every single President gives the amazing speech about jobs, economy & infrastructure. So question after question, a wise man once said, “Just Give Him a Chance”
I will, not a problem at all, yet each & everyday there is something new. He has robbed US blind as people discuss the same things over & over & over again with no action. 🤢😬 Not a word until it actually hits you directly in yo’ face.








Your vote don’t count: SAYS WHO

We are 5 months away from November, the voting event of our lives. Both parties want to control Congress and with social media, it’s about to get shamefully ugly. Like there are things that I just wasn’t taught but “We the People”, are at purging levels of chaos & confusion. Depending on how life has treated you, is how you will react to CHANGE.
But you don’t care about politics yet politics will take care of you. We need a New Constitution as the “Bill o’ Rights” is not acceptable in 2020.
All this technology as our minds stay set in our ways. We Gotta Do Better!